Price & Service Information Lasting Powers of Attorney

With regards to the Lasting Powers of Attorney, there are two Lasting Powers of Attorney, the first being for Property & Finances, and the second being for Health & Welfare, and the purpose of them is that they will operate when the donor no longer has the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

In respect of both of them, they can only be used once they have been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.  Below are the requirements for them:

  1. The donor will require an Attorney.  It is usually to have two Attorneys (you can have more or less but two is usual).
  2. The donor can have a Replacement Attorney (this is not necessary, but the donor can have one if they wish).
  3. The donor can have a Person to be Notified when the Power is registered (again but the donor can have one if they wish).
  4. The donor will require a Certificate Provider (Anna Arthur, can do this).  This is on the proviso the donor has mental capacity.
  5. The donor can restrict what Attorneys can and cannot do (if the donor wishes) and (if the donor wishes) they can give guidance (neither of these are necessary, but the option is there if the donor wishes it). 

The Office of the Public Guardian’s fees for registration are £82.00, which is payable to them directly, (per Power, including VAT).    This firm’s fees in some cases are £500.00 plus VAT per Power.  However if there is less work then the fees are reduced and in any event please contact us for a specific quote for your work.